All About Our Chickens

We have 6 chickens – 1 Delaware – we call her Della, 3 White Leghorns (Holly 1, 2, and 3 – we got them from our dear friend Holly), and 2 Welsummers, and we haven’t named them yet as we just got them !  I’ll be posting some more pictures soon !

We started with a small, and very cute, chicken coop – the specs said it would house 8 chickens, but I thought the 6 of them were a little crowded, so we bought a dog pen and shade cover for the tops, so they would have a little more room to roam!  Once we have our own acreage we will definitely be expanding!



Our little furbaby, Mike, is still very intrigued with the hens ! (I think hubby is too – he is always wanting to hold them !)16640980_297697487313436_5059089072992804361_n16681703_297697523980099_5423085501357411336_n16830750_297697493980102_3250968651681230484_n